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Resource Vitality

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This website is about you, your journey, and your health. Resource Vitality is here to help you with your journey–to keep you tuned-up, in harmony with yourself.

But first, a bit about me—

I have 45 years of experience in the Holistic Health Field including both Western and Eastern Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Herbology, Qi Gong/Yoga/Meditation, Tibetan Medicine/Ayurveda/Shamanism, Hypnotherapy, and inclusive of 30 clinical years of Classical  Chinese Medicine.

And so, continuing on—

Staying healthy can be kinda frustrating, don’t you think? So many things can happen in life– various forms of stress, possible environmental health issues, accidents, even climate change, etc., etc. .

Consequently, this brings us to one, inevitable point— the impermanence of life. So let us face a difficult but necessary fact: once you are born, at some point in time– you will be issued your ‘exit’ visa and you will be leaving the planet.

The question is this…

Do you want quality of life and optimal health to enjoy your journey through this life?

The answer, for the majority of us, is YES!

This website is about helping people sustain their quality of life using gentle lifestyle changes ( in fact, the best time to work on your health is when you are healthy ). The goal, using a blend of supplements, herbs, and modern technology, is to help you feel better, to help you maintain the mandala of your life.                                   

Good health is:  a mandala of balance, awareness, flow, and happiness

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