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Chinese Herb Formulas

Perhaps you are experiencing allergies, or maybe a common cold or flu? Maybe you have acquired a sports injury or two, or you are having pain somewhere in your body? Chinese herb formulas can be very useful.

We work only with those companies that perform all the required tests for heavy metals, pesticides, etc., as well as following International GMP standards. The herb formulas are made from concentrate granules with an average ratio of 6:1 (6 pounds of raw herbs to make 1 pound of concentrate granules).  The formulas come in 2 types: capsule/tablet or powder (the powder form is mixed with water).

Whatever it is, for which you need some help, click on “Request for Chinese Herb Formulas” below and just fill out the popup form. In the message section, let us know what your health concerns might be.

Request for Chinese Herb Formula

It may be a formula you are already familiar with or something new. When the contact form is received, we will look at it and recommend a formula for you, based on the traditional functions assigned to these formulas. We do not diagnose. You will receive an email with the suggestion. Please just follow the instructions contained within to get your herbs.

Understand that these herb formulas are in no way meant to be a substitute for seeking proper medical care from a qualified Medical Practitioner.

Medical Disclaimer


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