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Holistic Health


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A term often used in reference to the field of Alternative Health. Wikipedia has this to say: “Holistic derives from Holism, the idea that natural systems should be viewed as a whole, not as a collection of parts

Dynamic Balance

Holistic Health means taking into account all of a person’s life circumstances in forming a health plan. Externally, one looks at a person’s lifestyle and circumstances. Internally, one may look at the dynamic balance of the internal ecology.

Preventative Approach

The ideal time to access this way of health is when you are well—in other words, not in crisis. This is the time to take the preventative approach: tune-up, build on your foundation of good health. Take on chronic, deeply held imbalances affecting the smooth functioning of your life. In Holistic Health, we work toward the root of health issues.

Root and Branch

However, there are times in one’s life that acute health issues arise. This is the time that one turns from working with the root of the constitution to working with the acute symptomology—the “branch”, so to speak. Once this resolves, then one can work more deeply to rebalance the internal ecology of the human organism.

Precious Jewel

Health, in today’s world, is not something that one waits to have happen, it is something one works for and treasures as the precious jewel it is.

Quality of Life

No one is sure how long they will live but most are sure they wish to maintain Quality of Life while they are here on this planet. This is your goal. My goal, in working with you, is to assist in that process.

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