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Medical Disclaimer


This website represents our personal views that we believe true based on research, clinical experience, and feedback from our customers, hopefully useful and thought provoking, but still just another opinion. We also have a vested interest in most of these topics, so cannot claim impartiality.

Do not substitute this website or our opinions for advice from a competent health professional. User reports and testimonials do not constitute proof. We pass them along simply to show what our customers tell us. We present this information in the spirit of free expression and believe that you have the right to learn about a wide spectrum of ideas about healthcare and wellness issues. Please use common sense when evaluating alternative health products and concepts. We have had good results with the products we sell and feel comfortable recommending that you try them. We have received numerous positive testimonies from users of our products.

We do not intend that you use our products as medical devices. Never use them as a substitute for any therapy or treatment prescribed by a physician or other health professional. As with any experimental technique, the user must exercise common sense and pay attention to the body’s feedback. No one can predict the effects, either positive or negative, which use of this technology may yield.

All statements represent opinions, some based on scientific experimentation and others on anecdotal experiences. No one can predict with complete confidence what to expect from the use of new, experimental technology.

Health Related Information

The information and content contained in the Resource Vitality Web Site is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your doctor or other health care professional. You should not use the information available on or through the Resource Vitality Web Site  for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication. Information and statements regarding dietary and other health care supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should read carefully all product packaging prior to use and consult with your health care professionals.

Theta Technologies and Neuro-Fitness

Theta Technologies’ and Neuro-Fitness products are not intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any physical or mental condition or dysfunction. They should not be used by persons with brain or neurological disorders (e.g., epilepsy) which may be triggered or aggravated by rapid light fluctuations.

Due to the wide range of individual responses to light and sound stimulation, results will vary from user to user. Anyone with unusual sensitivity to light, especially flickering light, should consult their physician prior to using any light and sound machine.

The products described in this website are not intended for use as medical devices and should not be construed as substitutes for proper medical care. They are not intended for use as medical therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. Our products are tools for personal growth and as such are not intended for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical condition.

Products which include flickering light should not be used by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders unless so directed by a medical doctor.

Also, many psychoactive drugs may sensitize the brain and make it more likely that a seizure may occur in individuals without epilepsy. Such drugs include, but are not limited to, stimulants, including amphetamines and cocaine; depressants, such as barbiturates and certain antidepressant medications, and others.

3. Release from Liability: The purchaser is fully aware that the Theta Technologies product is an experimental device that provides audio and visual stimulation. Because it is experimental, the purchaser understands that Theta Technologies is not certain that it is suitable for all applications or users, each of whom may be affected differently by the devices because of individual physical and emotional makeup. Persons who have a history of seizures, hallucinations or other physical or mental problems should use the Theta Technologies product only under medical supervision.
The purchaser further understands that Theta Technologies, its agents and employees, will not be held liable in any way for any occurrence of any kind and nature whatsoever in connection with his/her use of a Theta Technologies product, or another person’s use of a Theta Technologies product, that may result or ostensibly result in physical or emotional damage to the purchaser or others. Furthermore, in consideration of and part payment for the Theta Technologies product, the purchaser hereby personally assumes all risks in connection with his/her use of the product, and shall advise other users of the product of the experimental nature of this device, especially regarding use by those with a history of seizures. Furthermore, the purchaser assumes all risks in connection with use of the product by other individuals.
4. Limitation of Damages: If, notwithstanding the foregoing, there should arise any question of liability on the part of the manufacturer or seller, the purchaser agrees that such liability should be limited to the cost of replacement of the product.
5. Purchaser representations: The purchaser represents that he/she is of legal age and legally competent, and understands that the terms set forth herein are contractual and not mere recital. The purchaser has read or will fully read the product Instruction Guide before using a Theta Technologies product.

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