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Metabolic Management

Why manage your metabolism?

Panorama mountain autumn landscapeMetabolism functions as a dynamic harmonic

That is, your metabolism is always on the move, a choreographed dance of fluids, substances, energy, organs, neuro-chemical cascades, etc. This sustains a healthy microbiome and body. In return, the microbiome is happy to sustain you.

Earth Element   /    Blood Sugar Balance

In Chinese Medicine, the Earth Element (Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas) is at the center of strong, balanced health. If the Earth Element is out of balance, the metabolism is goes out of balance. If the metabolism is out of whack for a period of time, the body’s health goes into decline and the problems begin to occur. Blood sugar balance is an important part of this picture, as many problems stem from this issue.

IMG_2423Chronic Inflammation

Most auto-immune problems begin in the gut, usually as a result of chronic inflammation effecting the microbiome, resulting in IBS, Leaky Gut, or a host of other possible syndromes. In fact, chronic inflammation anywhere in the body will inevitably lead to a crisis in that area of the body.

Balance   /   Harmony

The point of of focused nutrition (Nutritional Supplements along with Chinese Herbs) is to, first, restore balance and, secondly, to maintain the metabolism’s dynamic harmonic.

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