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Mind State Management

We live in a time when everything around us is designed to steal our focus and attention; to fill our minds with fear, worry, and anxiety. The mental/emotional addictions to social media, our smart phones, etc, are carefully cultivated and orchestrated. The dialogue in our brains often are running our lives. Add to this real life stresses and situations with which we have to deal, and peace of mind can become a rare commodity.

I do know there are many paths, many ways, effective ways to obtain peace of mind. And there are ways reprogram our brain, to fine tune it, so that we can have that peace of mind, and overcome limiting and/or negative beliefs and habits. There are tools and technology to assist us in this process. It is exactly these Tools/Technology that are being offered here. I call it “Mind State Management”.

Mind State Management

In our busy lives, we don’t have time to go to the mountain top to learn meditation. Let alone spend hours a day practicing it. But the very technology that is driving us to distraction, can also work the other way– it can provide us with tech solutions to enhance our mind state management. 

Tools and Technology

So let’s dive into this a bit.


zen 12 meditation Program

Hypnosis Bootcamp Programs

            Brain Power Bootcamp


C.E.S Device

Sound and Light Systems (Mind Machines):

the Mind’s Eye and the Galaxy

Medicinal Mushrooms:

Lions’ Mane




Nanomega 3


All the above can be used as stand alone tools … and they become even more effective when used in combination with each other. For example, you could combine the C.E.S. device with the Zen 12 Meditation program to deepen the results. Or you could put together one of the Sound and Light Systems with the Hypnosis Bootcamp Programs. Further, you could combine the C.E.S. Device with the Sound and Light Device. This, too, would greatly enhance the effect you are looking for. For a more comprehensive approach: combine the C.E.S. device with a Mind Machine (Sound and Light Device)and either Zen 12 or Hypnosis Bootcamp.

You can take take this a step further by adding in nutrients for the brain. Lion’s Mane (look under Medicinal Mushrooms) is excellent for the brain. The additions of Reishi and Cordyceps supply excellent support for Lion’s Mane (you have a choice of purchasing each item separately or, simply, purchase Performance Blend).

Moreover, both Nanomega 3 and NanoGreens provide superb nutritional support for the Body/Mind system. Both of these superfoods come in a form that is highly absorbable.

Search through Wellevate/Emerson Ecologics  for a variety of supplements for the brain. These will work in synergy with above mentioned tools and technology. Of course, excellent nutrition (see the Biopharma Scientific products) and exercise should always be part of the program. 

The goal of Mind State Management is to create a focused, balanced, and harmonious Mind where you now control the inner dialogue, thought processes, and habit patterns. And, from this state, arises a transcendent peace of mind.

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