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Resource Vitality

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Click on the filter image below and you will immediately whisked away to the replacement filter page on the Multipure site. Or just click here: Replacement Filters. Hit your back button to return.

Aqualuxe Filter (CBLX)

Aquadome Filter (CB6AD)

Aquaversa Filter (CB6)

Aquaperform Filter (CB11AS)

Aquamini Filter (CB Mini)

Multipure Aquasource Filter (CB 20)

Multipure Aquasource Filter Scale Reducer (CB 20 LSI)

Multipure 400PC/400 PCE Filter

Wriggle Filter (W 212 )

Aquagrow Replacement Cartridge

Aquagrow Prefilter

Aquashower Replacement Cartridge

Aquasplash Replacement Bag

Aquaversa Filter -- Prefilter Wrap

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Reverse Osmosis System Carbon Block Prefilter

Reverse Osmosis Sediment Prefilter

Reverse Osmosis System Carbon Block Post-Filter

Emergency Filter

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