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Peace of Mind: Zen 12 Meditation

Hi All,

It’ll happen sometime.

At some undefined point, we’ll emerge from lockdown.

Taking baby steps out into a new world.

👉 How will YOU have changed? 👈

 I hope you made the decision to turn your Coronavirus lockdown in to a positive experience.

If not, there’s still time… and here’s a suggestion…

Why not LEAVE lockdown a Zen master?

(Well, maybe not a Zen Master, but you will have a better grip on your mental state!)

Zen12 is a powerful meditation program. It gives you the results of an hour’s deep meditation — all in just 12 minutes.

Just listen twice a day (early morning and some time in the evening), and it’ll unlock your brain’s innate power – helping you dissolve all stress, increase focus, be more creative, improve mood, boost stress threshold, and more.

This is POWERFUL ❤️

With each of the 12 levels, you workout your brain more and more — and emerge within days as an entirely new being.

This is your unique chance to #LevelUpLockdown.

Want to try it for yourself? 💥

Here’s how to take advantage:

1 – Visit the Zen12 site here

2 – Click ‘Get Started‘ on the Premium version 

3 – Use this code for 50% off: MTFXV5SB

With this code, you cost for the entire Premium Version of all 12 Sessions is…. $43.50.

 This unique code offers our MAXIMUM 50% discount off the ENTIRE Zen12 premium program. It expires when the last country leaves lockdown.

Our Bonus Gifts to You

Our bonus gift to you. Includes copies of ‘The Secret Art of Self-Development’ and ‘The 18 Rules of Happiness’ (with audio versions), as well as self-growth vouchers.

Take advantage NOW.

Forward this to your friends.

(And remember, if you’re suffering from COVID-19 panic, click here for our free Corona Virus  anti-anxiety Hypnotherapy Session.)

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