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Bamboo Mountain


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Origin: Zhu Shan, Taiwan

A handcrafted green oolong from Taiwan’s Zhushan region, or “Bamboo Mountain.” Low oxidation and light roasting contribute to this tea’s bright, floral fragrance and sweet, crisp body.

In making Bamboo Mountain oolong, only the newly sprouted leaves are plucked. They are then withered in the sun (weather permitting) or indoors on special bamboo trays for a few hours to reduce moisture.

Once a suitable suppleness is achieved in the leaves, traditional rolling techniques (which include wrapping the leaves in cloth and binding it tightly into ball shape) are applied in conjunction with light roasting in a rotating tunnel roaster. Successive re-rolling and re-roastings are done to achieve the optimum shape and flavor. A final roast is given to complete the processing.

Apart from elevation, season, and age of the plants, oolongs can be evaluated by the quality of leaf and the processing art. The leaves should be tightly rolled and should not crumble with gentle pressure (crumbled leaf is a sign of over-roasting or stale leaf).

Brewing Instructions:

Water Temp: 180-190°F

Water Quality: Spring Water/Filtered Water

Quantity of Leaf (tsp/8 oz water): 1

Steep Time: 3-4 minutes

Number of Infusions: 3-4

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