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Frozen Summit


Flavor Profile: Layers of roasted, floral, and spicy cassia aromas with a full taste, balanced sweetness, and astringency. Will provide multiple infusions.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea Leaves.

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Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.10.11 PMOrigin: Lugu, Nantou, Taiwan

Also known as Tung Ting, Frozen Summit is grown at our farmer friend’s three acre farm in central Taiwan. These smaller farms are typical in Lugu, the native home and largest tea growing area for oolongs in Taiwan.

The tea plant varietals in this area were originally transplanted from Fujian province in mainland China. However, over years of cultivation the plants have developed into their own universe of local varietals and provide distinctively unique flavor profiles.

Oolongs – A Family
Oolongs comprise a family of tea plant varietals that provide flavors much different than those of other tea categories.

Depending on the processing technique adopted, their flavor varies from mild and floral to strong and toasty.

Their color spectrum also ranges from light green to dark red.

Processing – An Art
For Frozen Summit only the newly sprouted leaves are plucked and then withered in the sun for a few hours to reduce moisture.

Rolling Technique
When suitable leaf suppleness is achieved, traditional rolling techniques (wrapping the leaves in cloth and binding it tightly into ball shape) are applied in conjunction with light roasting.

Successive and short re-rolling and re-roastings are done to achieve the optimum shape and flavor. A final roast is given to complete the processing.

Frozen Summit is special during spring (April)and in early winter (November).

Brewing Instructions:

Water Temp: 190°F (88°C)

Quality of Water: Best with Spring water

Quantity of Leaf: 1 tsp per 8oz water

Steep Time:  3-4 minutes

Infusions: 2-3

Weight3 oz


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