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Flavor Profile: A rich floral and fruit aroma followed by a refreshing flavor, with notes of anise and a pleasant aftertaste

Ingredients: Green Tea Leaves, Lotus Flower Petals

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Origin: Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

Grown in the northern province of Thai Nguyen in Vietnam, Che Sen, or Lotus tea, is a fine green tea infused with the aroma of lotus flower blossoms.

King Tu Duc, during the Nguyen dynasty in the ancient capital of Hue on the central coast (1848-1883) was renowned for drinking lotus-scented tea in a very special way.

In the afternoon of the day prior to his morning tea, he had his helpers row to a lotus growing lake in the royal garden and put a small handful of tea into the blossom of each lotus plant, then binding the petals up. In so doing the tea would dry overnight and at the same time absorb the scent of the petals.

The next morning the tea would be picked from the lotus lake and offered to the king for his morning refreshment. This old-style scented tea is now rare and has given way to more modern techniques that include heat infusion with lotus blossoms.

Brewing Instructions:

Water Temp: 160-170°F

Quality of Water: Spring Water/Filtered Water

Quantity of Leaf (tsp/8 ox water): 2

Steep Time: 2-3 minutes

Number of Infusions: 2-3

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