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Tao of Tea

Original Form

Like the Tao, the art of tea is universal. Indeed, Tao of Tea brings to you teas from around the world. They began their work with tea to be a connecting thread for tea culture.

Based in Portland, Oregon, this pure leaf tea company employs tea enthusiasts from different backgrounds and countries.

The people of Tao of Tea travel, learn about, find, take delight in, and offer pure leaf teas with great flavor, artistry and soul. Discover teas in their original form, as they were intended. No artificial flavors, additives or preservatives.

Pure Leaf Artistry

Their focus is to offer teas from the Camellia Sinensis tea plants. Similar to grapes, the tea plants have many regions, varietals, processing methods and seasons.

Good tea sells out very fast and is seldom made in large quantities. This is due the the fact that Tao of Tea curates their pure leaf from small, independent growers.

Consequently, as merchants, they are particular in securing exceptional tasting leaf, each season, working with the growers.

It is their sincere wish to share with you the artistry of the leaves, their origin, processing method, flavor vocabulary and spirit.

Being Organic is Not Enough

As a result, care for the soil and tea plants must be coupled with recognition and Rose and china teacup on wooden tablesustainability of the surrounding ecosystems. The genesis of the tea plants was in naturally occurring tea forests, where bio-diversity provides rich flavor.

While the Tao of Tea are proud to be among the leading group of companies to offer certified organic teas, they seek to raise awareness for sustainable tea farming methods.

Honoring Old Wisdom

Making ‘Hand crafted tea’ has been slowly disappearing over the years to more modern, mechanized methods.

In China, the old style roasting of green teas leaves in a wok over fire has given way to electric woks or industrialized ovens and roasters.

Rolling of Oolong tea leaves by hand in Taiwan has given way to mechanical presses that mimic these hand movements.

The most sophisticated modern methods can probably be found in Japan, where color sorting of leaves is done by laser guided machines.

Although these methods have allowed more yield for the farmers, they are a departure from the art of the leaf.

 Tea Spirit

The Tao of Tea offers teas from around the world that have been made in the ‘old-style’ methods. These approaches vary with the landscape, noting that few remain committed to the original form of tea spirit.

Their work provides new infusions of energy and channels for ‘old style’ traditional skills to be recognized.

More  Than Fair Trade

Tao of Tea believes in being socially conscience with all of their teas. As such, they were among the first group of tea companies to join the Fair Trade movement in the United States and they pledge actions that better people’s lives through a healthy environment and a future for children.

Additionally, many of their teas are purchased at above market prices and this raises social premiums for tea communities.

Tea Culture

All the Tao of Tea products are a result of establishing relationships with tea people. Although the products mostly originate in Asia, they pass on to various places in the world as a result of their efforts.

Along the way, there is also a sharing and appreciation of various tea cultures from around the world. They hope you join them in promoting the art of tea at its highest level and sharing in these traditions, cultures, and flavors that enhance our understanding of each other.

Therefore, it is important to savor the journey of wellness and conscience.

Full Flavor Profile

As with flowers, fruits and other specialty foods, enjoying tea flavor is best during a certain seasonal period of time, related to harvest. That is to say, all tea loses freshness after it is made.

Their promise is to offer tea from around the world with inherent freshness and a full flavor profile. They self-evaluate each of Their teas on an ongoing basis!

To explore all the wonderful teas we currently carry, click here: “Tao of Tea-All of the Teas”.  For a more individual breakdown, hover your cursor over “Shop” in the menu bar and from the drop down menu select the variety or country of origin that interests you. Enjoy!!

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